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Aline CELI



Uhlandstraße 20-25, 10623 Berlin



Aline CELI is a fashion label from the Brazilian designer of the same name based in Berlin. Carefully crafted from sustainable fabrics of the highest quality, their pieces are manufactured in the EU in compliance with the strictest ethical and social guidelines. We always deliver a clean, glamorous and eco-friendly experience.

Created in 2015, the brand has been present in the most prestigious fashion weeks in the world. Gaining quick recognition made CELI have a boom in the German market, attracting clients from all over the world.

Sustainability and minimalism are the brand’s main points. CELI’s morals are completely about keeping our environment safe and our clients aware. By having a fair production with the highest-quality products, our customers can have pieces of clothing in their closet that will never go out of fashion (due to our classic designs) and also will take a really long time to not be functional anymore.

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