anima protection

art space for socializing and playing + sales

Kiehlufer 143, 12059 Berlin, Deutschland

A piece from the collection 2023.

Our brand challenges fashion aesthetics, hunt for the unknown look of garment, and play with different beauty standards and proportions; pushing the scale of clothing to extremes, enlarging the proportions, and blending man and woman. The collections are created from abandoned items found in the streets, donated or purchased from around the world to question the obsolescence of the things. The newest collection CHEMINIO SKONIO OBUOLYS collection pairs the romance, Victorian and Greek-style clothing, the 90s grunge street style and the Punk. Pregnant jumpers, Victorian & Greek style long dresses, sculptured bustiers, pleated, layered skirts, punky t-shirts, man style panties, Ikea bags infused with life and fluffy upcycled clogs.

Our concept for the show is to make a living theatre performance together with artist, interactive playfull game, where customers become players

We as a collective work on projects with the aim to change people´s perception of fashion and to promote more ecological and sustainable approaches in the fashion industry. As well, showing fashion as a form of art, (theater) to remind people about the importance of social life and entertainment in art institutions, such as theater, cinema, museums. It is very important to not forget these places, to look for real entertainment, instead of digital.

Our shows are interactive, our fashion is fresh, unknown & playful.