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Find pieces at: Studio 183 in BIKINI Berlin


GLÜCK is a unique Berlin brand, created by Ukrainian designer Egor Bashtovenko. The name GLÜCK has a fun twist - it means 'Hallucinations' in Ukrainian and 'Happiness' or 'Luck' in German. GLÜCK is all about looking stylish and classy, whether you're at a party or just going about your day.
Our brand is there to shake up the usual party wear scene. We love playing with shiny lacquered fabrics and coming up with new, exciting shapes for our clothes. When you wear GLÜCK, you're stepping away from the ordinary and into something more playful and imaginative.
GLÜCK isn’t just a clothing brand - it's a whole vibe. It’s about enjoying a unique style and feeling great. We’re thrilled to bring our creative fashion ideas to the Berlin Fashion Week, and we invite you to explore the fun and stylish world of GLÜCK.

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