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Store: Gabriel-Max-Straße 21, 10245 Berlin


IMPARI is more than a fashion brand; we are a vibrant expression of social fashion and sustainability. We take pride in incorporating sustainable practices by using materials made from recycled PET fabrics. In 2023, we launched the "Nnoboa" project in Ghana, collaborating with "Code for Africa e.V." to support the Nnoboa studio. This initiative aims to empower young art and design professionals through training in sustainability, creative identity, and essential business skills.

At the core of IMPARI, the essence revolves around uniqueness, encapsulated in a name that translates to "unequal" and "you learn" in English. Built upon the foundation of individuality, IMPARI's designs showcase self-generated prints, a rich variety of materials, and a vibrant spectrum of colors. Beyond aesthetics, IMPARI is on a mission to revolutionize sustainability in the fashion industry, proving that eco-friendly clothing can embody modernity, vibrancy, expressiveness, and social consciousness.

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