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Potsdamer Straße 81A, 10785 Berlin


The store / Showroom is based at the historical Anton-von-Werner building, which is one of the last historically received - artist spaces from the late 19th century.

Rare Atelier tradition / eclectic pattern mixes / italian fabrics
Brave. Creative. Eclectic. Sometimes casual. Elegant, occasionally formal and strict. Playing with extreme silhouettes, creating a tension between traditional and experimental tailoring. Old – School – Couture is never more than a subtle hint. The manufacturing and compilation deliberately break with this elegance. The combination of the single elements explores new exceptional paths. Every piece of the collection is designed to be combined freely, but only in interplay the individual look of ODEEH truly unfolds. From the first pencil stroke up to the delivery only specialists work on ODEEH, beginning with the best weavers and silk printers of northern Italy to the production in German studios,manufactories and master enterprises. This conscious anti‐industrialism once more reflects ODEEH’s underlying sophisticated principle.

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