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RIANNA + NINA is more than a brand. It’s a colorful universe, created by two women with a love for vintage textiles treasure-hunted around the globe, a passion for craftsmanship, a deep belief in bringing true sustainable luxury to an extravagant clientele, and a desire to excite people with the extraordinary. Founded by two women, Rianna Kounou and Nina Knaudt, from a shared love of vintage, art, and collectors’ pieces, RIANNA + NINA is a realization of their common dream.

Starting as a small boutique in Berlin in 2014, RIANNA + NINA has grown rapidly, attracting international attention and acclaim for their never-before-seen, vibrant styles. Today, RIANNA + NINA is stocked by over 50 A-list boutiques and leading hotels, and attracts clients from all over the globe with their new definition of luxury.

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