uavi republic GmbH

Quinto GmbH

Hallesches Ufer 78, 10963 Berlin, Deutschland

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uavi republic wants to be more than a brand for wonderful luxury products, preferably made of cashmere.

a shared appreciation and love for the finer things, we are a community of kindred spirits, collectively seeking out and defining quality, creativity, craftsmanship, and storytelling. meaning more than a generic fashion brand only.

uavi republic wants to represent a lifestyle and targets on customers that love the beautiful things in life. uavi republic’s goal is getting into an exchange with you about the ultimate insider tip in your favorite city. finding the best recipe, giving great beauty tips, making recommendations for other wonderful design objects.

we started our journey with ambition and strength, intending to make life more beautiful for others and build a community. all are invited to join us and be a part of our multisensorial narrative, to become passengers of our voyage, and explore the world of cashmere.

we are aware of the fact that all this means a high ambition and we know that only together we will reach a higher goal. we are starting small, but always personal with the goal to making your life a bit more beautiful…