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Unbi studio



Prenzlauer Berg

Store: Pappelallee 12, 10437 Berlin


Our inspiration
Wabisabi – the inclusive beauty of imperfect and incomplete – has been our fundamental inspiration. Wabisabi is a worldview focused on the acceptance of transience and imperfection, which has been cultivated through all forms of Japanese art. Based on this concept of inclusive beauty, unbi studio redefines 'Jewellery' as a means to express aesthetics of imperfection and creates objects focusing on heavy textures, oxidised colour, nature inspired shapes.

Behind unbi studio
unbi studio is a contemporary jewellery brand founded by Eunbi Kim, who was born in Gwangju and grew up in Busan, South Korea. Drawing and creating objects has always been enjoyable to her since she was little. After finishing her BFA in metalsmithing in Seoul, she explored career paths in the fashion industry and online retail. Throughout those years in different fields, she was hungry for creative work and had evolved her passion as a jewellery designer. In 2019 she moved to Berlin following her dream, since then she has been developing her collection through working at local jewellery studios. In early 2022 she founded her jewellery label, shortly after joining Whatif Berlin studio-gallery. Her Journey has just begun and she is excited about adventures ahead.

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