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Beverly Berlin




Körtestraße 10, 10967 Berlin


10% Rabatt

Handmade unique pieces from repurposed materials
Beverly Berlin is an upcycling slow fashion label for unusual fashion, bags and
accessories. Using secondhand clothing, original vintage fabrics and repurposed
materials, we create new unique handmade treasures for people who are what
they want to be: relaxed, unconventional, natural and over the top. For all of
those who like original materials and fresh cuts and who live a conscious
lifestyle with passion and consideration. Simply so. Based on conviction!
For themselves. The cause. And a healthy planet.
We'll keep going while supplies last, and sadly it looks very good.
Today a shirt, tomorrow a dress. That's Berlin and the city is in our blood. Light
years away from the mainstream, we are home to extraordinary repurposed
one-of-a-kind pieces that tell their own crazy story as cool everyday
companions or snazzy it-pieces. About the old and the good life,
the reinvention of being or like Berlin: about the unmade magic of perfectly
imperfect things.
Consciousness is our igniter. To create is our attitude and our will to change.
We are fed up with throwing things away and want to treat our earth with love
and responsibility. So, we recycle, upcycle, reuse and repurpose like crazy with
our fashion. To prove without blah-blah: Slow has always been cooler and Fast
is the sister of Sh***.
Beverly Berlin turns old and unusual materials into something newly loved. This
is pure joy for us. Especially when our handmade treasures become much-loved
favorites. So we pass on our love. With the highest quality and
characteristic details. For you and all the colorful people to whom our fashion
creates a delightful new story.

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