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Friedrichstraße 172


Champagnerempfang & 10-20% Rabattaktion auf bereits reduzierte Ware

Highly recognized for its powerful silhouettes and unique statement prints, ready-to-wear brand MARCELL VON BERLIN blurs the lines between the two liveliest cities, remaining on the cutting edge of defiantly modern design. Inspired by the electric, underground charm of Berlin, juxtaposed by the sublime and refreshing West Coast spirit, MARCELL VON BERLIN is the product of an inimitable artistic, transatlantic aesthetic. Transcending the exclusivity of luxury cultism, MARCELL VON BERLIN’S founder and creative director, Marcell Pustul, embodies the new age of fashion post-pandemic that has expanded into the conscious realization of not only quality craftsmanship, but also overconsumption in the creative industry, starting with multifaceted, ready-to-wear biannual collections.

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