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Gormannstraße 25, 10119 Berlin


Kaffee und Süßes

conceptual independent brand
fashion as a holistic process
every piece of clothing and every fabric has its own story
experimental artistic motifs/prints (own and customized/personalized) and proportions, carefully constructed from high-quality textiles (leftovers/deadstock by couture fabrics mainly from France, Italy) and from all over the world & vintage fabrics, eco-friendly fabrics of the highest quality (viscose, silk, cotton , brocade, jacquard, wool)
special sensual textures
Focus on sustainability/upcycling/slow fashion
Cooperation with professional craftsmen and tailors
Deeply researched fashion concept that plays with prints and colours, bodies and emotions
The modern approach to fashion is based on profound experience and knowledge in the field of art history and culture
mixture of precision craftsmanship and artistic ease

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