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Therapy Recycle and Exorcise




Store: Forster Str. 57, 10999 Berlin
(closed from 20.12.23 until 5.03.24)
Find pieces at: Coexist Berlin, Pink Cadillac Berlin, Medusa, Lulaloop


THERAPY Recycle And Exorcise is a research on identity and self-expression through the creative reuse of materials. We are a fashion upcycling project run by immigrant women.

When we started THERAPY our aim was to create clothing and accessories that would represent and include different human beings, not imposing trends or obeying mainstream beauty standards, while at the same time using materials that are already on the planet and that would otherwise end up in the landfill.
THERAPY was born in Berlin in 2012 and it is run by two sisters separated by the Atlantic Ocean and united by this passion: Angie and Poli Aguirre, based in Berlin, Germany and Cordoba, Argentina.

We work at this two locations sourcing materials locally and producing only upcycled clothing and accessories. Our raw material is 90% second hand, vintage or discarded. We produce unique items and small series beyond trends and genders.

We sell, rent our unique upcycling designs, from clothing to accessoires, but also customise on demand. We also offer textile services and solutions for companies and organisations and we offer workshops and talks to raise awareness and educate about a more sustainable, creative and healthier way of living.

We are women. We are immigrants. We are latinas. We are sisters. From this corner of our existence we work for a more inclusive and authentic fashion.

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