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Reuterstrasse 62, 12047 Berlin


We will offer 10% on our up-cycled products to all BFW visitors.

Up-Wonder merges fashion, experiential education and entertainment with a zero waste approach.
We organize multi-sensorial experiences where the attendees are part of a live performance with paint. As a result, all their clothes are renewed and acquire a symbolic image of co-creation and sustainability.
It is a concept that not only tackles the waste issue, but also educates, entertains and empowers people from all walks of life to be part of the solution.

Get ready for an exciting experience at Up-Wonder POP UP from July 10th to the15th you'll discover how to stop textile waste and have fun!

Visit our pop-up space is free and everybody is welcome, but in order to participate in the up-cycling experiences you have to buy a separate ticket that will be available soon at:

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