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Nove creates the modern women's wardrobe that is wearable in every stage of life. Even during and beyond pregnancy.

Intertwining effortless elegance and contemporary refinement, Nove understands the women of today. Our body changes up to 30 times during life, therefore we need a wardrobe adapting to our bodies - not the other way around.

Women should be able to focus on what they want achieve in life, being supported by a wardrobe evolving with their needs. Be it business, babies or both.

Description USP

The Nove collection is timeless and elegant, wearable in all everyday situations. Our main aim is to produce high quality garments that go from press conference to the playground, from travel to a spontaneous walk in the park to a night out in the theatre. The Nove collection adapts to your life and your needs.

Reference examples

Media reach

Digital: ca. 3.5 K Follower Instagram with a high engagement rate, Press Coverage in all big media outlets since launch in 2020 (Gala, ELLE, FAZ, Tagesspiegel, WWD, etc.)


Store Event, Empfang, etc.

Concept description

Nove invites you to the "Nove Dolce Caffè" at the Studio in the heart of Kreuzberg. We all need more Dolce Vita in these challenging times, and as the brand's approach is to make the best out of all stages in life, we want to share our founder's most favorable Dolce handmade by her. We invite you to an Espresso and Nove Dolce, a short break to savour sweet flavors, and browse through all Nove items.

Sustainability / innovation

A lot of research and time goes into our material
sourcing. Choosing mainly natural and organic
materials, which are produced sustainably, is key.
We avoid waste by using Loden Wool that can be
cut from both sides. The silk worms that produce
our beautiful organic Peace Silk are allowed to
hatch before the material is used. We produce
jewelry that is exclusively made from Fair Trade
Gold by our goldsmith in Southern Germany.
All garments are manufactured in the European

Cost structure


Mitarbeiterin für den Tag vor Ort:
8 Stunden à 20 Euro Stundenlohn: 160 Euro

Zutaten Nove Dolce für 100 Personen: ca. 300 Euro

Transportkosten zum Studio: 50 Euro

Getränke für 100 Personen (Café, Milch, Wasser, Sekt): 400 Euro

Hilfe beim Zubereiten der Nove Dolce: 4 Stunden à 20 Euro Stundenlohn: 80 Euro

Blumen Dekoration Studio (2 große Blumensträuße): 160 Euro

Fotografin: 100 Euro

Goodie Bags zum Mitnehmen: 300 Euro

Print Einladung: 200 Euro

Social Media Werbung für das Event (Studio2Retail, Senatsverwaltung, FCG als Sponsoren genannt): 500 Euro

= Gesamtkosten 2250 Euro

Does the event take place independently of funding?


Date of the event

Mar 18, 2022

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