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Show-performance "The heart of the Earth"



20:00 Uhr

Registration via link

Skalitzer Straße 80, 10997 Berlin, Germany

I invite you to plunge into the bar of emotions, where you can feel everything that has accumulated in my soul over the past year and a half and I am sure that we will find common ground in feelings
"The heart of the earth"
Our home, the layer is suspended between the planets of the universe.
We do not hear his pulse, we take his breath, which the planet shares with us, for granted.
We created mountains of garbage to make life easier by killing the inhabitants of the oceans with it.
We created rockets, and we play war without thinking, now and then offending our house.
Our common home!
The only home!
Our Planet, our Mother.
Earthquakes, tsunamis, epidemics.
The earth shows its pulse
Her heart rate is accelerating.
The temperature rises.
Our planet is hurting!
And although she does not tell us anything, she can show us.
Taking the innocent souls of people suffering from a cataclysm, senseless deeds.


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