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NochMall GmbH

Sommer-Event: Fashion NochMall (er)leben


10:00 - 18:00

open to public

Auguste-Viktoria-Allee 99, 13403 Berlin, Deutschland

Live (and experience) Fashion NochMall (English : Again).

Free of charge & without registration.

Together with you, NochMall wants to experience fashion & to give it a second life. Because everyone can do 1st Fashion - but 2nd-Hand is only made possible by heroes!
What is meant by that and what can you expect on 06.07.24 at NochMall?

NochMall is Berlin's biggest and coolest 2nd hand department stores & zero waste event location.
Together with you, NochMall wants to experience sustainable fashion.

The world you will enter :
> 10AM - 6PM
- Clothes Swap Party
- Pledge Wall
- Info Exhibition
- Wheel Of Fortune
- 20 % Discount On Clothing
- Photo Mirror Station
- Shoe Cleaning
- Catering

> 11AM - 2PM Maker Mobile of the City Library Berlin-Mitte

> 11AM - 4PM Workshops

> 2PM - 3PM Special Sustainable Fashion Auction

> 3:30PM - 4:30PM Presentations

> approx. 4:45PM - 5:30PM Fashion Bingo

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