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People - a social fashion project

less / a pop up space


12:00 - 21:00

open to public, by registration at

Salon am Moritzplatz, Oranienstraße 58, 10969 Berlin, Deutschland

People is a social fashion project based in Berlin that gives voice to at-risk youth with an eco conscious and ethical approach. Each season, building on the influences from their life on the streets of Berlin they create fashion with a meaning.

The 2024 edition no. 6, called „less“, is inspired by the feeling of restriction and forcefully fitting into preexisting moulds. Less pressure. Less form. Letting go of social norms and prejudices and feeling free. The presentation of less in the pop up invites guests to experience the repurpose of materials and ownership – as the young designers claim their position and meaning in the fashion landscape through inserting their collection into Berlin Fashion Week.

Open to the public, the pop up creates a space to explore and buy the edition and within 2 natural dye workshops to become a part of it. The event is about embracing less - less prejudice and pressure, showing up to simply feel, touch and see the products of those otherwise often unheard.

12PM - natural dye workshop (rsvp)
3PM - natural dye Workshop (rsvp)
4PM - drinks and get together (open to public)

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