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RÄTHEL & WOLF x Caique Tizzi


13.07. - 15.07.2023

Do. 18 - 21 Uhr / Fr. 12-18 Uhr / Sa. 12-16 Uhr


Rathenower Str. 60, 10559 Berlin, Deutschland

You are invited to a culinary experience of jewellery brand RÄTHEL & WOLF, in collaboration with food artist Caique Tizzi.

RÄTHEL & WOLF are collaborating with Caique Tizzi as part of Berlin Fashion Week 2023.

Crossing over the fields of fashion with the culinary arts to present and experience design. The launch of R&W's latest collection promises to be a feast for the eyes and for the senses, a celebration of the sensuous shapes and design signatures of R&W. This collection will include tableware and jewellery.

The collaboration with Caique Tizzi focuses on developing an edible landscape, where the jewellery on display coexists with edible items as well as serving tools.

Visitors are invited to experience flavours served from the tableware whilst trying on the jewellery from the latest collection.

The showroom will stay open to the public, 14th - 15th July where everyone can get a feeling of the performance.


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