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17:00 - 22:00

open to public

Boppstraße 5, 10967 Berlin, Deutschland

An event that celebrates creativity, sustainability, and the future of fashion. See how vintage fabrics, recycled materials, and innovative design come together to make a new fashion statement. Connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas and collaborate on future upcycling projects while enjoying live performances from local artists.

Performance Concept:
Models step into the light, surrounded by suspended sheets of faded fabrics. A bright beam shines on them, revealing dirt and oil stains on their hands and clothing, symbolizing the dire consequences of human activity. Our garments appear dirty; we use special dyeing techniques, tear and destroy clothes found in second-hand shops, then rework, reimagine and reuse them, giving them a new life.

Event Program:
• Pop-Up
• Networking (200+ person guest list)
• Immersive Show (interactive runway)
• Upcycling practices + DIY
• DJ set

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