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A:D:vanced practice of social interaction




Open to public

A:D:Curatorial, Kurfürstenstraße 142, 1O785 Berlin

“Do we really need endless piles of clothes? Shouldn't work begin with an inspired impulse? The future will be based on flexible working rules” – says Kyiv based artist Yasia Khomenko about her XOMEHKO project.
The essence of Khomenko's practice is to experiment with fabrics, which the artist performs together with a group of collaborators. Together with them, the artist examines and creates new cuts and color combinations. The aesthetics of the final objects arise spontaneously, but their implementation is based on technological precision. Khomenko has developed her own method of crushing and compressing materials, which goes beyond regular upcycling.
The main goal of artist's practice is to develop and promote ideas which aim to change the problematic ways of production in the fashion industry. Even though XOMENKO started as a fashion brand, Yasia criticizes the industry and offers some alternative models with a social and collaborative approach.

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