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Exhibition Midsummer Night's Dreams (fashion and arts)

YAvles // Yulia Aldarova


Di. 18 - 21 Uhr // Mi. & Do. 16 - 20 Uhr

Open to public

Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße 19, 10585 Berlin, Deutschland

Exhibition Midsummer Night's Dreams - a collaboration of fashion designer and modern artists.
Fashion designer Yulia Aldarova and four artists Tatjana Retter, Viktoriia Zhdanova, Elena Kirillova and Lolita Fedorova with Russian and Ukrainian backgrounds are organizing an exhibition where the guests get a great chance to enjoy art works and fashion at one place. Talking about our dreams and showing them in modern art works or fashion peaces - this is what we will be doing during these summer days. Here you will find great pieces for your eyes, body and heart. Everyone is welcome to visit our exhibition at the opening on 11.07.2013 18:00-21.00 or during the opening hours from 11.07 till 15.07 11:00-15:00.

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