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Bianca Ruessel is Director Global Communications at haebmau.ATELIER based in Berlin.

What does the Berlin fashion scene have that makes it unique?

Unique is a big word – Berlin in general is a vibe which to this day is unmatched and unrepeatable. It drives a certain style and mysterious look with global radiant power. It’s a lie that black is the dominant colorway as a handful of fashion icons make Berlin style what it really is: a significant look that always comes with personality and can’t be copied.

Drawing on your long-standing experience, what is one PR tool that some brands might neglect but you feel is crucial for succeeding in the fashion industry?

Sometimes trust in local expertise and in-depth know-how of various scenes. Real recognizes real, and the really influential people are not measured by engagement rates or followers, they are measured by pure influence and creating a certain credibility within their community. Basically, I would recommend trusting more in your local “speedboats”.

What are you most looking forward to at the next Berlin Fashion Week?

Showcasing great new German designers – and elevated looks. Brands with their own identity and newcomers who get a platform to shine in their own country, on and off the runway throughout various shows, presentations and events. I’m also really happy to see the fusion of craftsmanship, jewelers and art within the Fashion Week schedule.

What are your favorite spots in Berlin to shop/explore fashion?

To be honest, the best fashion I explore is within my circle of friends, which consists mostly of very cosmopolitan people and creative, unique minds. They inspire me constantly. Also, the club scene has always been my go-to for seeing and “feeling” fashion looks come up or have a comeback. I am glad to see that buyers in Berlin support German designers and as I live in Kreuzberg, Voo Store is my go-to shopping destination. I love vintage treasures and I am a regular at flea markets across the city.

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