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Greta Thaysen is the Office Director at LIGANOVA Berlin and is dedicated to sustainability and supporting environmental goals. She believes in the power of transformative thinking and expertise to set new standards in the fashion industry.

How important is sustainability in fashion to you and how well do you think Berlin reflects this value?

Fashion and its supply chain are the third largest polluting industries after food and construction. The fashion industry needs a radical overhaul — not just to move beyond outdated business models, but to actively shape the sustainable discourse of the future. Fashion is an integral part of our culture. Revising the fashion system will hold the potential to also rethink overall consumption habits. I appreciate the diverse and innovative landscape of sustainable approaches within the Berlin fashion scene. Spanning the entire spectrum of the industry’s challenges — from raw materials to inclusivity, ethical management, circularity and many more — the city offers a myriad of experimental and creative solutions to the industry's challenges.

How would you describe the retail fashion landscape in Berlin?

Berlin's retail fashion landscape is an equivalent of what the city stands for creatively: A diverse mix of avant-garde and innovative concepts, established addresses and plenty of new surprises. As there is still so much undefined, or newly to be defined space within the city, there is continuous space for innovation and experimentation. I hope to see some of those approaches become internationally successful, thereby helping Berlin build out its fashion footprint even more.

In today’s digital era, how relevant are physical events for fashion brands?

Physical events play a crucial role in fashion, acting as a catalyst for building community ties and showcasing the tactile allure of fashion. Even as digital platforms evolve, becoming more immersive, the impact of live, in-person experiences will always remain significant: Nothing beats a good party.

From your perspective, what sets Berlin's fashion events apart from those in other cities, and how do they reflect the city's cultural identity?

Berlin's fashion scene stands distinct from London, New York or Paris, celebrating its own style and authenticity. Known for its openness, creativity and diversity, Berlin embraces a certain unpretentiousness in its approach to fashion. The city offers a fertile ground for innovation, where the less institutionalized environment compared to other major European capitals fosters creative freedom, attracting both national and international attention. This spirit is also evident in Berlin's fashion events, often featuring boutique approaches, craftsmanship and laissez-faire attitudes, making it an exciting hub for trying new things.

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