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Berlin-based stylist Nessie Değerli is one of the city's rising stars in fashion, journalism, and creative services. Through her agency, Avec Nous, and her independent publication, TITLE Mag, she seeks to amplify the voices of those often overlooked by mainstream media.

What elements of Berlin's culture or history do you believe contribute to the distinctiveness of its fashion scene?

Berlin is a patchwork city. The colors of each patchwork makes the city complete. We are nothing without the huge scenes of the many cultures that contribute to what makes Berlin so special. As a creative hub, Berlin offers an unparalleled environment where individuals can freely express themselves and thrive artistically.

In what ways do you see social media platforms shaping the identity and exposure of fashion brands, especially in Berlin?

Building a community and creating a space for individuals who seek to see more. Social media allows communities and niche groups to come together.

From a PR perspective, what do you think labels need to consider when trying to build their brand that is often overseen?

I feel like many brands want to share a general cosmos they create within their vision. Most of the time the personal story is left behind. In a crowded industry, consumers seek authenticity and relatability. Brands that highlight their unique narratives can differentiate themselves and resonate more deeply with their audience.

Are there any emerging talents or underground movements in Berlin's fashion scene that you find particularly intriguing?

The next generation creatives are very bold and like to think out of the box. While appreciating our traditional brands who helped moving Berlin forward, I think any young creative mind who likes to think out of the box and do things their own way is supporting to rediscover Berlin as a fashion capital.

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