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Avi Jakobs is not only a TV host and content creator, but also a creative spirit who embodies inclusion, diversity, freedom and courage. As a public LGBTQIA+ figure, Avi challenges society's stereotypes and is a role model for young people.

What does Berlin fashion mean to you?

Inclusivity, Diversity, Freedom, Courage, Bravery, Loyalty, Self-Realization and questioning societies beautystandards.

You’re an avid spokesperson for inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry. How do you feel Berlin reflects these values?

I think Berlin itself reflects these values quite visibly, when it comes to our fashion industry here there is still a lot to do. That’s why I will never shut up about it. We have some brands that do a great job when it comes to this topic and a lot of brands that could and should do more if you ask me. Berlin is a home for misfits and enrichingly diverse. Our brands and runway shows should be too.

Where do you see room for improvement?

We've come quite far if you ask me. Can you smell the change? I can and I am super proud of it. We have stunning talents that deserve spaces where they can create, learn from each other and grow together. With each other for each other. If we had more affordable locations where our designers can present their art it would help a lot. I think there should be at least one shop in every mall we have in berlin that sells only pieces of berlin designers to bring them closer to visitors and tourists. Other capital cities are so proud of their talents and we should be too.

Which Berlin designers or labels have particularly stood out to you in recent years?

Taskin Goec, Moritz Iden, sf1og, Guovarde, meticulousmess, OBS, Olivia Ballard, Carolin Dieler, Stefan Uhr, Richert Beil, Namilia.

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