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Dries Vriesacker is a Belgian creative with a strong focus on the fashion industry. He is a co-founder and creative director of ENFNTS TERRIBLES Magazine. The online magazine was founded 6 years ago and centers mainly around fashion, but also music and culture. Apart from his work at the ENFNTS TERRIBLES, he’s also a freelance creative director, stylist, and social media consultant with a specialization in new media such as TikTok and Instagram.

As Co-Founder and Creative Managing Director of Enfnts Terribles, you have an international outside perspective. How would you describe the perception of Berlin as a fashion capital and the significance and influence of Berlin Fashion Week?

Last season, in June, it was my first time attending Berlin Fashion Week and I have to say that I was positively surprised by everything. Even though you can feel it’s a fashion week that is still growing, I saw some very good and inspiring shows. With brands such as Namilia, Richert Beil, and more, BFW is proving that it has a unique vision and identity. I also love how the Fashion Council Germany focuses on important things such as sustainability and pushing young talent. Berlin Fashion Week

What are your recommendations for emerging creatives who want to be successful in the areas of social media, styling or art direction in the fashion industry?

For social media, I would recommend emerging creatives to do their own thing, be themselves, and be consistent. For the other things, the most important thing is to always get more experience in any way possible. What also helped me a lot in the beginning, was finding peers and like-minded people. By teaming up with other emerging creatives, you can work and grow together while all supporting each other. Often, the people you meet when you’re just starting will eventually become a part of your team.

What are you most looking forward to at the next Berlin Fashion Week?

I’m looking forward to seeing the brands I loved last season. I am curious to see how they have evolved and grown. I’m also just looking forward to the open and friendly vibe at Berlin Fashion Week.

When you visit Berlin, what are your favorite spots to go to?

Voo Store is always one of my stops when I go to Berlin. Even when I’m not buying anything, it’s nice to see their selections. I also go to Wsiura for vintage shopping. My favorite lunch spot is Silo Coffee, and I recently had dinner at 893ryotei which I loved! For drinks, I go to Bar Brutal or Luzia.

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