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Marvin-Mario is from Munich, part of Generation Z at the age of 22, and recently moved to Berlin. Fashion has been his greatest passion from an early age and he has turned it into his profession as a content creator and stylist. Creativity and creative diversity are very important parts of his life and his desire to live in a world where everyone can express themselves freely. This is how Marvin’s content, which he shares with his community, can be also characterized.

Where do you find inspiration for your outfits and what role does Berlin play in that process?

To be fair Berlin doesn’t really play a huge role in my way of dressing except it is allowing me to not limit myself at all. I find inspiration everywhere.

What are your favorite shopping spots in Berlin?

Probably the Mitte area. Shops near Weinmeisterstraße did spark my interest quite a bit.

As a stylist, what do you look out for when creating an outfit for your clients?

I thinks it’s important to adapt my sense of creating looks and styles to my client. Meaning using their main interests and likes to build with my knowledge.

What are you most looking forward to at the next Berlin Fashion Week?

I’m excited to see how these new designers are going to bring their vision to life. I’m eager to witness that!

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