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Aurelia Paumelle

Beschreibung Label

Aurelia Paumelle is a gender-neutral, sustainable French fashion brand. With her genuine fashion awareness and her "savoir-faire", Aurelia Paumelle designs limited clothing editions in her Berlin studio boutique. Her sustainable approach to manufacturing has led her to reinvent seasonal clothing and rethink fashion processes, using fair trade textiles and Parisian leftovers. The brand is aimed at a very open age group, from 25 to 65 years old can find themselves in the casual-chic style.

Beschreibung USP

The concept presented has the particularity of actively including enthusiasts and curious about fashion and recycling. The uniqueness of the project is to experience a realization in a workshop with a professional and to accomplish quality work yourself which implies, creativity, skill development, satisfaction, new knowledge, and experience that can only be beneficial for new awareness.


2 pdfs from 2021, the first one representing a collection of limited pieces. Aurelia uses the precious leftover fabric to create unique pieces, it´s a very important part of her work to recycle and transform them into special garments. Aurelia has also always developed a basic, unisex and timeless line that can be presented and worn all year round.


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My concept and offer are based on conscious consumption and recycling pieces of fabrics into a designer bag. (see the video presentation) The participants will be able to make the bag with their own leftover fabrics or Aurelia will provide it. The participant will be actively involved in the whole process.
The participant will be able to cut, assemble and use the patterns, tools, and professional machines in the workshop under Aurelia´s guidance.
Aurelia will also provide leftovers if needed so that the experience is complete, and enriching for the participant, who will go through the whole process of creating the designer bag and raising awareness of slow fashion, recycling & upcycling leftovers. Small reel videos (Instagram) and photos will be made during the process to show the diversity and beauty of all the designer bags made. All levels are welcome to apply, beginners too especially because Aurelia will be permanently at their side to help them with the realization.
This creative work also aims to increase the value self-esteem and confidence of the participants who will be proud of their creation and their commitment, contribution to circular consumption.
The duration of the workshop will be 2h, 3 participants at a time will be accepted 2 times per day from the 14th to 19th of March, which represents a total of 36 participants for the week, a Calendar registration system will be set up so that participants can book their place.

Nachhaltigkeit / Innovation

Recycling existing materials and transforming them into a new value and usefulness to make a bag. The active part of the participant is primordial for the project, it allows to raise awareness and to develop a piece of new knowledge and competence. The participant will gain self-confidence and self-esteem through the direct and concrete realization of the bag. The quality of the recycled product will be couture, design, and solid which will ensure its long life.


The prize money will be used to compensate for the investment of time, skills, and materials that Aurelia will make available for the week for 36 participants who will be able to access the experience for free.

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Datum des Events

Mar 14, 2022

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