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Store Event, Empfang, etc. (Preisgeld €2.000 – 6.000)


My concept and offer is based on conscious consumption and recycling of our old clothes.
The participant will be able to make a new sweater out of old sweaters and jersey scraps. The participant will be active in the practice: bringing old jersey that we will cut up to create a new one and create a textile-motif to personalize the creation. (presentation attached)
The participant will be able to cut, assemble and use my patterns which I will provide with sizes so that the garment will be perfectly made.
With my guidance and my tools and professional machine in my workshop.
I will also provide scraps if needed so that the experience is complete, of quality and enriching for the participant who will live the whole process of creating a garment and raising awareness of slow fashion and recycling & upcycling old clothes. Small reel videos and photos will be made to show the diversity and beauty of all the sweaters made. All levels are accepted, beginners too because Aurelia will be permanently at their side to help them with the realization.
This creative work also aims to increase the value and confidence of the participant who will be proud of his creation and his commitment to circular consumption.
The duration of the workshop will be 2h30, 2 participants at a time will be accepted 2 times per day. Creativity helps build self-esteem, helps develop agility, builds relationships, allows you to take risks and test new things that make you feel good about yourself, accept your failures and bounce back with solutions to problems. And creativity helps to move the world forward, curiosity, exploration of new ideas, innovation, risk taking, perseverance.

Nachhaltigkeit / Innovation

The innovative part is the totally active participation in the creation with the respect of the body measurements in order to completely optimize the garment. The opportunity to live an experience of trust and understanding to use the garment differently, to open up possibilities of more conscious and sustainable behaviour. And to provide tips and techniques to recycle into the participant's everyday life. To give the power and confidence to make new things with the old instead of throwing them.


The costs for the workshop sweater will be 90€ without the Preigeld.
And 45€ with the preisgeld.
Knowing that I bring my fabrics, my techniques, my knowledge, my machines, my patterns, my guidance.
The regular price of this type of sweater in my shop is 180€.

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Sep 6, 2021