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AVMM / Molly McDonnell

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Store Event, Empfang, etc. (Preisgeld €2.000 – 6.000)


A designer's own apartment is transformed into a fashion showroom and onsite style consultation location offering an intimate atmosphere of artful inspiration and slow living practice, with the unique opportunity of 'getting to know' the woman behind the label in her very own home - a hidden refuge in the heart of Berlin.

Molly McDonnell, the fashion designer behind and founder of Berlin based slow fashion Brand AVMM, has been living in Berlin and working here in the fashion industry for almost 13 years. Originally born in California, she moved to Berlin to discover and contribute to an exciting and creative city full of possibility. She originally offered her tailoring and design skills to friends and acquaintances directly out of her charming altbau apartment, in the coveted district of Prenzlauer Berg.

Now, over a decade later, she is again opening those same doors to her artfully decorated home, as a dedicated showroom to her newly founded women's fashion and lifestyle brand AVMM, as well as offer there an intimate space for one on one style and design consultation.

This new and unique shopping concept will allow customers to experience an intimate atmosphere where you can catch a glimpse of the designer's personal world and what inspires her: natural materials, slow living, minimalistic art and design. Customers can also view her personal art collection from local makers, an important part of her inspiration process and take refuge in her serene space.

Customers are invited to feel the fabrics, try on the clothing, and hear directly from the designer herself how a local brand comes to life. Perhaps while sipping a tea on the balcony and taking in the view of the iconic TV tower with the Ringbahn going by just on the other side; feeling both hidden away from the city and connected to it at the very same time.

While visiting this apartment turned showroom space customers can enjoy private styling tips from someone who has been in the industry for almost twenty years with the possibility of private design consultation and onsite alteration offerings.

As part of Berlin fashion week, and with the support of Studio2Retail support, she and her team at AVMM will have an opening party event in this newly transformed living/atelier conversion space, a concept not yet seen in Berlin, and announce its exciting arrival to the Berlin fashion scene.

Nachhaltigkeit / Innovation

Introducing the concept of design consultation and custom tailoring, within a fashion brand, encourages customers to be more conscious of their consumption. By mindfully exploring what works best for individual body types, style preferences and lifestyles clients can learn to avoid impulse shopping and trend-based fast fashion buying. Offering alteration services enhances the life of a garment and offering custom design encourages deeper respect for and awareness of the production of clothing.


If I am able to receive financial support from Studio Rental:

Minor Apartment Renovations and Event Costs:

For apartment renovation:
-Newly sanded and oiled floors throughout Material plus labor – 900 euros
-Curtain to hide Bed to provide changing room in the'bedroom' (material and labor) – 100 euros
-Ikea Pax mirrored clothing wardrobe – 600 euros
(to serve as changing mirror and to hide designers private clothing)
-Hanging clothing rack installation – 150 euros
Sewing Machine for onsite tailoring – 200

For event:
Drinks and catering – 350
Sound system rental –50
Printed material for onsite promotion – 50 euros
Hire video artist to promote event and location – 400
Dj for the event – 300

Total Costs - 3100

If I do not get the money I can still actualize this vision:

Not renovating flooring – 0 euros
Used mirrored wardrobe for “changing room” – 200 euros
Hanging clothing rack installation – 150 euros
Not having a sewing machine onsite and not offering onsite sewing services.

Having drinks. but not food for the event – 150
Using my current sounds system – 0 euros.
Do not hire video artist to promote event or have printed promotional material
Do not hire a DJ for the event

Total costs - 500

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