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Beschreibung Label

Esoraa, is not just another marketplace. Esoraa is created with the intent of making South Asian products which are fairly produced, accessible to Europe while remaining true to our values which are deeply rooted in our cultural heritage of refurbishing, reuse, upcycling, handweaving.

Beschreibung USP

Every garment, every piece of jewellery, every product found on Esoraa has a story and emotion behind it. We have multiple designers and brand on on Esoraa which are inherently different from each other when it comes to designs but very similar when it comes to values. All the clothing items are #madetoorder and can be customised according to the need of customer. We are proud to say, Esoraa is a size inclusive brand with sizes going upto 7XL


Esoraa is a newly launched label. We do not have material from the last 5 years but what we do have is our press kit for reference and our website.



Offsite Show, Installation, Performance, etc.


A photo series exhibition with Pop Up store. Esoraa is an online store so currently doesn't have its own space. But we would like to rent a place or collaborate with a gallery to showcase a photo series highlighting some Indian brands, where we photograph and document people wearing a piece from different brands across all age groups and genders from different fields and ask them what comes to their mind when they think of South Asia. Along with this we will be showcasing pieces from independent South Asian designers and brands. Through this project we want to shine light in South Asian brand and designers and provide a space for people to unlearn and relearn about South Asian heritage. Berlin Fashion Week X Esoraa celebrating South Asian Heritage.

Nachhaltigkeit / Innovation

Sustainability is often limited to environmental or social sustainability but no one talks about cultural sustainability. With Esoraa we are encouraging these difficult conversations. Why certain aspects of particular culture are accepted while certain aspects left behind. South Asian traditions have always revolved around sustainability and have been part of the culture and way of living. And we work with our brand partners to innovate the traditional techniques into new designs.


Cost of renting a space for the event : (350€ - 500€) x 3 = (1050€ - 1500€)

Cost of shipping the garments from India to Berlin = 500 - 750€ (depends of the weight and the number of pieces)

Cost of framing the pictures = In the process of getting quotations
Cost of renting clothes hanger and display racks : 75-100 euros for 3 days

Refreshment costs for 1st day : 500€
Miscellaneous costs to be calculated still

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