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Oskaras Povilenas

Beschreibung Label

Genderless Slow Fashion for The Modern individuals.

Our concept SLOW-SHORT-STOP describes our mission on sustainability – slow fashion, short supply chains (EU only) and the stop of low-quality production and material waste.

Beschreibung USP

We are memorable.
We are assertive (and often, polarizing).
We focus on the CUSTOMER (and the value we give to them).
We evoke feelings, emotion, and memories.


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Offsite Show, Installation, Performance, etc.


Fashion show of my Fashion brand - Oskaras Povilenas

Name : Sensitive Darkness

3D printed Fashion Collection

Creating a relevant clothing collection today was one of my goals set at the beginning of the creation. To substantiate this relevance, I analyzed the examples of contemporary fashion designers, researched the prevailing fashion trends and trends, and observed the street fashion style. First of all, it is a conceptually structured work. The message encoded in the concept of the collection is, in my view, sensitive both globally and individually. Secondly, I was thinking not only about raising issues that are relevant to today, but it was also important for me to find a way to convey this through the image of modern, visually appealing and functional clothing. In the collection I am creating, I have tried to follow the principles that best reflect my perception of fashion design and to reveal and develop my uniqueness through it. So I think that the choice of materials, the pursuit of modern and laconic forms, details, functionality, and finally the concept of the collection itself is especially important and relevant in today's fashion, and the collection has the right to enter the world of fashion.

Previous show :
Pandemic version :)

Warm greetings, Oskaras

Nachhaltigkeit / Innovation

SLOW. At Oskaras Povilènas, we epitomise slow fashion. We uphold ourselves to the highest standards of craftsmanship, sustainability and ethical practices. Each concept is rooted in the past, where it lends from tradition to acquire a timeless aesthetic. It lives in the present, as local artisans imbue their soul and story into the garment. And it transcends into the future as a long lasting, quality design that customers will wear for years to come.​


Approx 25500 euro / with and without prize money

Rent of location for a event
Administration cost
Marketing cost

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