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Store Event, Empfang, etc. (Preisgeld €2.000 – 6.000)


The main concept of our event(s) is FUTURE FASHION. Sounds funny, but we understand future fashion using the old techniques&crafts to create pieces of nowadays trends. By avoiding mass consumerism we are focusing on solutions that provide us beautiful pieces with less waste and impact on the environment. During the events, we want to present and host different designers and artists, that produce clothing from old materials (upcycling, recycling) or use technology to achieve higher sustainability.

For the events we are inviting the following artists to present their work & hold workshops at STUDIO183:
-Sebastian from brand Ingrato, who refashions old clothing that would be waste into wearable contemporary pieces (of art);
-Neli from brand ZMAI, who combines laser technology and traditional craftsmanship to create zero-waste fashion accessories out of vegan leather;
-brand SGMH that designs sustainable upcycled pieces with knitting and tattooing;
-we will be also hosting different guests from field of fashion film;
-an exhibition of AI generated clothing; (not invited yet)

During the events we are planning to have an upcycling workshop & clothing swap market for our customers, where they will be able to bring their own garments they do not wear anymore and the upcycling designers will create new made-to-order pieces for them out of it.

Nachhaltigkeit / Innovation

We are aware that sustainability is a never-ending topic and there is a lot of fields to be covered about it. We support all ways that go towards sustainable solutions when selecting designers and artists for our projects. We are happy to see innovative approaches to current problems that make the process better for the environment and people. With making this project happen we aim to will encourage more people to decide on more sustainable ways of buying and creating the clothing.


Depending on the funding received we will be able to confirm our artists for the collaboration during the BFW events at STUDIO183, but in general, we are planning to divide the budget into 3 parts:
-1st part is going to be for the participating artists. The main criteria on how many events we will be able to run is the amount of funding allocated to our project.
-2nd part is going to be for technical services and equipment running during the events.
-3rd part will be used for the promotion of the activities through social media & other types of paid advertising.
We are roughly planning to have 6000€-7000€ costs with the series of the events during BFW.

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Datum des Events

Sep 10, 2021

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