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Alena Steinke




Studio: Krossener Straße 34, 10245 Berlin


Alena Steinke, a Berlin designer with roots in Belarus, established her brand in 2021. During that period, the nationwide protests in Belarus following the stolen elections of 2020 were of immense relevance and deeply resonated with the designer.

Therefore, Belarus became the central theme of the designer's debut collection titled ‛LOVE’, and it continued to ramify through her subsequent collections. The statement "LOVE WILL SAVE THE WORLD" is literally sewn into the ‛LOVE’ collection. Five pieces of the collection – each representing one word – were crafted using the original LOGOS Design technique developed by Alena Steinke.

All collections are crafted using a 100% zero-waste approach. Techniques such as the LOGOS design, the sculptural method, as well as upcycling are employed to serve the principle of sustainability. All pieces are hand-crafted by the designer herself at her Berlin studio.

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