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Description label

7585 is a Berlin based unisex avant-garde fashion brand inspired by analog and digital worlds of generations. The pieces are precisely tailored in our atelier by using organic and deadstock materials, repurposed from high end fashion houses previous collections. Based on personal interests as music, cinema, subcultures, contemporary art and history of Berlin.
Our target audience is famale/male art industrie professionals and interested in youth culture people.

Description USP

We will present unique artists pieces. One-of-a-kind, limited edition, upcyclind, made of deadstock pieces with possability to customize. All pieces are signed by artists, designed & made in Berlin.

Reference examples

In the attached PDF is two last events organized during Berlin Fashion Week.

Media reach

ZOO Magazine (Amsterdam/Berlin), website + social media life translation, KEYI Magazine (Berlin/Shenzhen fashion magazine), The Brvtalist, + different local media.


Offsite Show, Installation, Performance, etc. (Preisgeld €10.000 – 16.000)

Concept description


Project presentation of 7585 X Berlin Artists collaborations.

For the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week and The Berlin Fashion Network Studio 2 Retail 7585 would like to hold an art presentation including the Event-/Show-/Installation concept to showcase their latest work.

We would like to create a visual space in rented gallery space with product launch/pop-up store/artist performance with:

- Artists' pieces from 7585 WEST line. We would like to decorate the space as an installation with garments and pieces of printed fabrics. With this we would like to show a process of local production and a new way of collaboration between local producers, local artists and institutions.
- Art photography exhibition. We would like to print large formats and make a curated choice of our art photography on gender-fluidity topics.
- Artist performance. We would like to invite one of our last collaboration artist Emerson Snowe to perform during an opening night. Emerson Snowe is a Berlin based artist, “Levi’s” Prize Award winner and currently collaborated with “CELINE” a French fashion house.
- One evening opening free event with drinks by local alcohol free cocktails producers and local techno bar alcohol artists cocktails.
- If possible we would like to run an exhibition and pop-up store for several days during Berlin Fashion Week.

Presentation will be attended by up to 100 guests.
With the support of local and international media.

Sustainability / innovation

7585 is entirely „made with love“ in Berlin. We operate as sustainable and upcycling avant-garde brand and avant-garde haute couture atelier.

Working intensively on our concept we believe in the future without fast fashion products.

All our pieces are made locally and by using deadstock or upcycling.

Cost structure

Location - 3000 EUR
Marketing - 2000 EUR
Artists honorar - 600EUR
Light - 600/1000EUR ( light artist )
Production and other costs - 3400 EUR

Does the event take place independently of funding?


Date of the event

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