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Description label

DSTM is a unique mix of bodywear, lingerie, loungewear and swimwear made with ecological and performance fabrics of the highest quality. Each piece is thoughtfully designed with cuts that flatter different body types while giving shape and support without underwires. The clothing is soft to the skin and is made to be worn as underwear, outerwear or swimwear.
DSTM garments are made with ecological and performance fabrics certified with the OEKO-TEX standard.

Description USP

DSTM has developed methods to work with with high tech and ecological fabrics that are durable and last the test of time. The production is lovingly made in small family run ateliers in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The ranges offered are versatile and transform from body wear, to swim and day to evening. With a bit of creativity the collection can be mixed and matched in to plentiful variations and a full range of outfits.

Reference examples

Attached here is DSTM-Press.pdf which are some of the articles from our last presentation in January 2020.

Media reach

55k Social networks, over 2.5m International audience reach


Offsite Show, Installation, Performance, etc. (Preisgeld €10.000 – 16.000)

Concept description

DSTM by Jen Gilpin


Since inception DSTM has focused on sustainability, technological innovation and increased emphasis on corporate and social responsibility.

According to CBI EU report, the value of European women’s underwear market is estimated at €6.5 billion, making it an important and large apparel subsegment. During 2020-2024, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate during the forecast period. German based DSTM is in a unique position to ride this growth wave with the support of marketing, exposure, promotion of the brand.

Berlin based DSTM by Jen Gilpin is an independent luxury lingerie and loungewear collection for men and women, offering items that are worn by both genders and available for all body types.


DSTM is a self financed enterprise by Canadian born Jen Gilpin. In 1999, she studied design and sustainability worked with several international lingerie brands before relocating to Berlin in 2008. In 2011, she opened the first DSTM shop in Berlin Mitte. Organically, she grew the business to a self-sustained status

She continued developing the best solutions for bodywear and has a new sustainable collection that she wants to showcase during the Berlin Fashion Week in a unique presentation to highlight the diversity and body positivity of her collection in a show that encompasses fashion in culture and the arts in Berlin.


to reach a global audience through marketing, public relations and promotion of the collection

to bring awareness to sustainability and ethical manufacturing in the luxury sector

to increase product offerings with more advanced design, materials and fit

increasing the use of cutting-edge technology to create more opportunities for the Europe lingerie market.

The Show

The concept that we have created will highlight the elements of the new DSTM collection in an artistic expression in collaboration with dance (Siciliano Contemporary Ballet) and an original music composition (EMIKA) Entitled the 'Shadow Side' (Dark Side of The Moon) It will be an original dance piece that will showcase the beauty of DSTM garments in movement and the expression and concepts surrounding them.

Sustainability / innovation

DSTM approaches sustainability from many sides.
Durability we believe is a very important factor or sustainability. We work to create garments that last the test of time, that you will cherish in your wardrobe for minimum one decade.
We have been following the movements of the sustainable technical fabric development since 1999, we are committed to working with most high quality and sustainable fabrics available.
We also develop zero waste patterns for our clothing and loungewear items.

Cost structure

DSTM Show budget:

12 Contemporary Ballet Dancers x 450€ each = 5.400€
Choreography = 1.000€
Original composed music = 1.000€
Pr local, national and international media relations, marketing, communication, guest management = 3.600€
Production costs
(Live-streaming, hair & make-up, lighting, backstage, seating, technical) =3000€
Rehearsal space rental/transportation =1000€
Video + photography = 1.000

Does the event take place independently of funding?


Date of the event

Sep 9, 2021

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