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gate believes in the centrality and possibilities of a space but most important;
the ablility to foster and nurture the community, which shapes our contemporary
reality - it is a place of passage, particularly of entry. a space that invites the
customer to understand the existence of a connectivity in between a retail space and
our lives in the city. it is a place but mostly a thought - a glimpse of the human being.

after experiencing a tough year for humanity and overcoming physical restrictio

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Store Event, Empfang, etc.

Concept description

Store Event featuring SF1OG after their Show.
Including a visual Presentation of their Collection + Meet and Greet / Hang out at our Store including Free Drinks and Showroom Installation

Sustainability / innovation

Upcycling + New Wave

Cost structure

Mit Preisgeld = Aufwendiges Showroom Setup mit Open Bar und Live-Dj

Ohne Preisgeld = Aktuell kein Event

Does the event take place independently of funding?


Date of the event

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